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Horror: The Door that Leads Nowhere

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Horror Collection Horror 1: The Door That Leads Nowhere

Sheriff Ken Waring knows first hand all about the Farraday house, as do most of the townspeople. They want the place pulled down, and although this was looked into, legal precedent says this is not possible.

The Farradays were found within a room of that house slaughtered. Ken Waring still remembers the bodies, the odors and the blood stains. Since that day, the house has become dilapidated, though offers shelter for those seeking it. The catch – they may never live to tell the tale.

When Katy and David find the house on their voyage, it seems a temptingly good place to lay their heads for a couple of nights. What happens next is only known by those who were there and who experienced it first hand. The Farraday house is a renowned haunted venue which has secrets all of its own. Among those secrets is a facing up to fears that both Sheriff Ken Waring and Katy's mother have had to come to terms with. Can anyone escape?

Horror 2: Worst Fears Confronted

The Farraday house is a house that locals believe to be possessed by evil spirits, following the mass slaughter that took place there in the past. Now, empty and offering shelter to strangers in passing, the house stands by the side of the road between Leicester and Rangston. A passing Amish man asks Sheriff Ken Waring if there is somewhere that he can stay for a couple of nights. Not wishing to stay in hotels or places of luxury, the Farraday residence seems to offer all that this traveling man needs. However, does it?

Will the house become a danger to him? Local resident students, who have grown up with the notion that the Farraday house is evil, set out to prove that the story is nonsense. Will they achieve this? Will the exorcism performed by the local Catholic priest prove to have been effective against the background of numerous disappearances? This continuation from the first in the series catches readers up with the latest happenings in this haunted abode.

Horror 3: Without a Single Trace

When property developers visit the town of Leicester, little are they prepared for the resistance of the residents. There have been rumors about how much this would affect the lives of people who had lived in Leicester all of their lives.

Ella and Alice have the key property and if they agree to sell up, Leicester becomes a town with a history, though not one with a future. Enlisting the help of the sheriff, Ella and Alice move into the Farraday place to evade the real estate agent acting on behalf of the developers, who is pretty determined to make a deal.

Will she survive her visit to the Farraday house? What happens when Alice and Ella are confronted by one of the surviving Farraday family members? What lies behind the door for those who dare to enter it? Only readers of the whole story will be able to find out.

Horror 4: Shelter

Lee Harris and his girlfriend, Pam came across the Farraday place when looking for somewhere to live. Out on their luck, with a baby on the way, the thought of a roof over their heads was tempting even though the reputation of the house was well documented.

The evil that lurked within the Farraday place was renowned, but they figured that if they managed to avoid the area which was known for working its evil on people, perhaps they stood a chance. When Bradley Willis enters their world demanding repayment of money owed by Lee, how will they deal with it?

The Farraday legend continues with a story of hope, a story of despair and a story of fear. The shelter that the house seemed to have been offering them came with a price-tag. Were they prepared to meet that price?.......

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